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    Choosing a Line Reactor for a VFD

    Hi, I am working on VFDs, and I am unable to decide what rating of line reactor to use with different VFDs. Can someone please guide me in choosing the right line reactor for my VFDs? Further, I was told that I have to install another choke in the output of the VFD, as well as the...
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    Connecting a Mouse to Monitouch HMI

    Hi, I am working a FujiElectric's Monitouch HMI. I have a requirement of connecting a mouse to it and operate the HMI using the mouse. I tried connecting a mouse, but its too slow (the movement of cursor looks staggered). Is this the problem with HMI or with the mouse? I tried by using...
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    Selecting a PC for SCADA Systems

    Hi, I have been working on SCADA for quite some time, and i find that the machine running the SCADA tends to get slower with time. But when i restart the machine, the SCADA works faster. But i cannot ask my client to keep restarting the machine since he wants the SCADA to run 27*7 365 days...
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    PLC Control System Design Documentation

    Hi, Can someone please let me know what documents are required in designing of PLC based control system, i.e. 1. inputs from clients 2. documents that i must work on while designing the control system like preparation of panel drawings, System architecture etc. 3. outputs from me to...
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    Limitation of Connected Devices on Ethernet Network

    Is there any limitation for connecting devices on a Ethernet network? I know that a controller has limitation for connecting devices, but i was told that even a network has limitations for connecting the devices. Is that true? If yes, then what is the limitation for connecting devices on an...