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    Automation Direct DL205 Thermocouple Error

    We have three type K TCs connected to an F2-04THM module. Thermocouples are reading 400-500 degrees low on the PLC input as compared to what they read with a TC calibrator. We have verified all jumper settings on the card and ladder logic in the PLC. TC extension cable is correct. The TC...
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    Modbus for PID Loop Process Variable

    What are downsides of bringing process variable (flow rate) into a pid loop via Modbus rather than direct connection Proposed design has a flow control loop in PLC. Design proposes to read flowrate via serial Modbus. I would normally avoid bringing the input into pid loop via serial...
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    PLC Outputs - 2oo3

    Looking to see if anyone has implemented three interposing relays in a hardwired 2oo3 interlock circuit. We are adding new PLC based interlock to an existing hardwired circuit and 2oo3 has been proposed for perceived reliability. Is there a packaged module with three ice-cubes, already wired...