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    Turbine application with YSIL Core safety protection module

    Dear All I am looking for a MARK VIeS turbine control application (Master file only) which includes in its hardware configuration the YSIL cores safety protection module IOPACK. Thanks in advance
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    Questions and Insights about Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

    Hi everyone, After working on both heavy duty and aeroderivative gas turbines and being aware of the major differences of the control theory of both, I have some questions about the mechanical side of the aeroderivative GT. I know that (correct me if i am wrong) the Aero GT shaft is much...
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    Gas valve (SRV/GCV) Actuator Plug Oil Leakage

    In our compression station we have frame 5 machines. After visual inspection of the gas valves actuator assembly (bolted to stationary base plate) of one machine, I noticed a SMALL oil leakage (see the picture in the link below) from the GCV actuator plug while the machine was running. (notice...
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    It is about the "standard droop speed control" and how it can be affected by the FPRG or a bad calibration of the gas valves...etc. Compared to the CONSTANT SETTABLE DROOP SPEED/LOAD CONTROL, The STANDARD DROOP/SPEED CONTROL has "no FSR value feedback" in its regulation loop. This mode of...