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    HV Motor Tripped

    As motor startup with coupled load, it is tripped on Long Time Startup while it is running smoothly on without Load (No Load/Solo Test), what could be reasons??
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    What is meaning of 40 deg. C+Class B+15k in air cooled generator?
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    Hissing Noise in Dry Type Transformer

    Dear All, Please tell reasons of Hissing Noise in Dry Type Transformer. Remedies measures and testing if any.
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    Breaker Failure Protection (50BF)

    Dear, In our G60 (Generator Protection) Relay, 50BF is pick many times, what could be reasons.
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    Earth Fault of Generator/Transformer

    Dear, Why earth fault will not be detected by Differential Protecton.
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    Power supply off

    If we turn off power supply of G60 relay, will it give trip command to breaker