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    Can Intouch HMI Read Data from Web Server

    I have an Atlas Copco Compressor which has a built in web server to show operating parameters of the compressor. I'm wondering if it is possible for Wonderware Intouch to access this data for display and logging. Can Intouch be made to read web/html data? thanks in advance. Phil
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    Atlas Copco Elektronikon Mk5 Communication

    Do anyone have experience interfacing to an Atlas Copco Elektronikon Graphic (Mk5) controller. It seems to have an Ethernet port and I want to interface to an InTouch SCADA. Would be great if it can to TCP Modbus. thanks in advance... Phil
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    Oxygen Sensors

    I'm after some OX-700 Oxygen Sensors that I had previously purchased from "Molecular Controls Ltd" (in UK), now I cannot seem to contact this company via email or telephone - does anyone know if they are still operating?