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    Siemens LR250 l.o.e. in Steam Environment

    Using LR250 to measure levels in tanks, but periodically loosing echo, shows as l.o.e. on unit display, and signal goes high, to trigger alarm. Are there any settings for helping the LR250 cut through the steam? I read about the confidence and threshold settings, but I don't think I...
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    Sinamics v20 f2 Fault (Overvoltage) While Running

    Using v20 to run small fan (1/2 HP) using two speeds, 50% and 100%. After sometime, more than 2 hrs, drive will fault with f2 error. It will switch speeds fine, ramp up and down is 10 seconds as default in application macro. I'm not using any braking resistor, is it necessary for fan...
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    DC Speed Control

    I know this is probably very elementary, but it is a problem for me.... I have a DC motor, controlled via electronic speed control. There are two physical relays for forward/reverse, and a potentiometer for speed variance. My problem is that about half the time, pressing forward or reverse...
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    ClearSCADA and ViewX

    Hi all, just started a relatively simple (I think!) project. I am designing screens for 4 sumps and pumps, 2 flares and some leachate tanks. I have a fairly good handle on making the screens, but where I get stuck is on the whole Tags and Points issue. I read through...