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    Need Converter (24 V AC to 12 V DC, approx. load 60 watt) Automobile application

    Hello !! Require Converter (AC to DC) for Automobile application. Approx. input : 24 V AC (30 V max) generated by petrol engine Output: 12 V DC suitable, load: 60 watt (load: solenoid valves) thanks in advance.
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    DC to DC converter for inductive loads. (12 V DC to 24 V DC)

    Hello All, Greetings for the day!! We are using engine driven compressor package in which Battery gives 12 V DC supply but my solenoid valve works on 24 v DC system. As area is Hazardous I could not able to find suitable solenoid valves for 12 v DC applications. Hence please suggest me...
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    Electric Motor actuator duty 80% means ?

    hello!!! greetings What is the meaning of Motor duty as 80% ? Application: Motorized Valve. & Motor used for Electric actuator. thanks in advance
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    Clubbing of Diff. Type Sensors in Ex.d Junction Box

    Hello all!! Greetings for the day!! Query- Can I club the Pressure Sensor Ex.ia-O/p as(4-20)mA & temp. sensor output as Pt-1000 signal in one flameproof (Ex. d) Junction Box as per latest IEC standard. please guide.