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    DP flow meter calculation

    A cooling water system is operating at steady state condition. FT Shows 600 con with 50 psid across flow element. If flow increases to 900gpm what will be dp? Plz explain
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    Wiring Diagrams for Rotork Electric Actuator

    We are trying to commission the mov, but we couldn't find any documents. Please let's know if you have any idea about that: make - rotork actuator type- K30 F10A.
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    DVC 6200 Not Communicating 475 Field Communicator

    Dear pals, One of my dvc 6200 postioner is not communicating with Emerson 475 field communicator (version 3.8). when I measure the voltage through hart diagnostic option i field communicator, i am getting 9V so i assume my probe is ok. normally we use this field communicator to calibrate...