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Meeting IP66 Standards with Incremental Optical Encoders for Closed Loop Speed Control

February 17, 2021 by Quantum Devices

Test standards for IP66 enclosures protection class and how they can be met with incremental optical encoders for closed loop speed control.

White Paper Overview

Choosing an IP (Ingress Protection) rating when looking for a waterproof optical incremental encoder enclosure can be challenging because there are key differences between waterproof, water-resistant, and other descriptive but unspecific labels. When selecting an enclosure, there are several rating systems one must pay attention to — the two best known are defined and managed by NEMA and IEC.

This whitepaper from Quantum Devices takes an in-depth look at the test standards for IP66 enclosures protection and how they are met with incremental optical encoders for closed-loop speed control. 

In This White Paper You Will Learn

  • The test standards for the IPP66 enclosures protection class
  • How Quantum Device's low profile encoder can deliver high-profile performance
  • Other key design features of Quantum Device’s Q145 with IP66 option

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