Gecko Robotics Partners with Fictiv to Optimize Development in Robotic Inspections

August 07, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Gecko Robotics dives into a partnership with Fictiv to ensure the reliable and fast fabrication of parts using its platform technology.

Gecko Robotics LLC was founded in 2013, which became Gecko Robotics Inc. in 2016. Since the company’s beginning in the robotics space, its research and development team has continued to create and develop cutting-edge robotics inspection and software solutions to help manufacturers across the world to enhance and optimize their infrastructures, consequently, reducing downtime. 


Gecko Robotics and Digital Manufacturing

With regard to the power industry, Gecko provides products and solutions that enable ultrasonic visual, and magnetic liftoff inspection. Gecko also caters to oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries. Recently, the company partnered with a digital manufacturing company, Fictiv, to enable the reliable production of its machine parts.

Many across the world rely on infrastructures both physical and organizational to maintain processes, resource acquisition, power supply, and more. In a facility such as a power plant, managers rely on their infrastructure to implement manual inspections keep business workflows running, and keep employees safe. 

 A Gecko engineer using Fictiv’s digital quote-to-order platform for a CNC part. Image courtesy of Gecko Robotics.


Having poor infrastructure and frequent failures can cause disruption and halt power production. Power plant owners are all too familiar with slow, inaccurate, and hazardous manual inspections that can and have been fatal. 


The Innovative Partnership

Gecko partnered with Fictiv to make sure its machine parts and components are always readily available to its customers. Gecko will be leveraging Fictiv’s global manufacturing network and platform which integrates machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computation geometry in a modern cloud application. The partnership is expected to provide users of robotics inspection and software solutions with the best service.

Gecko’s TOKA 4 Series Drive Modules

Fictiv has worked on previous iterations of Gecko’s TOKA 4 series drive modules. Fictiv manufactured a majority of the external production parts, ensuring that each component was made with regard to rigorous standards and that they were delivered with great speed. Fictiv will be working with Gecko going into 2020 to ensure that parts for inspection robots continue to be made to high standards and that they are delivered quickly and to the correct specifications. 

In a recent news release, Dillon Jourde, Mechanical Engineer III – Drive Module Technical Lead at Gecko Robotics provided his perspective by mentioning, “Quoting new parts can be a massive time sink. With other manufacturing partners, we might spend hours working through nuances of a design and iterating on the files to ensure we got it right. But, with Fictiv, digital quotes are quick, and lead times are way faster -- as much as three weeks shorter than competitors with no quality hit.”

Fictiv’s technology-driven inspection processes drive top rates for being On-Time and In-Full (OTIF). The company has a track record of 97% on time and 98% in full.

With Fictiv as Gecko’s trustworthy partner, unique and high-tolerance parts needed for robots that are to be used in invaluable robotic inspections will provide Gecko and its customers with infallible designs and efficiency.