Teledyne FLIR’s Lepton 3.1 R Thermal Camera Module Ideal for Integrators

August 26, 2023 by Seth Price

The size of a dime, Teledyne FLIR introduces a versatile new infrared thermal camera with one of the widest fields of view on the market.

Teledyne FLIR released their latest thermal camera module, the Lepton 3.1 R, which can aid designers and technicians in identifying thermal failure points before they cascade into much larger problems.


Thermal camera image view

Lepton 3.1R radiometric thermal camera module with temperature measurement data and visual color scales. Image used courtesy of Teledyne FLIR


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technologies saw a major jump in use during the pandemic, notable because it was used to identify people in crowds running a fever. For much of the public, it was their first exposure to thermal imaging and Big Brother.

Despite the recent uptick in use, thermal imaging cameras known as Infrared thermography (IRT),  have been used for many years in military, civilian, and research applications. Weather satellites have used them to track the tops of the clouds (where they are the coldest). The military has used them to find enemy personnel and equipment that may be camouflaged visibly, and countless other applications.

For manufacturing, thermal imaging can be used in the monitoring of equipment heat signatures and system health. Once a baseline image and temperature have been established for a piece of equipment, any part of it displaying a heat signature beyond that setpoint is likely indicating overheated bearings, shorts in motor windings, unusually high current draws, and worse.


Introducing Lepton's 3.1R Longwave Infrared Camera

The Lepton 3.1R is a radiometric-capable longwave infrared (LWIR) camera designed to help engineers determine the temperature of objects. What separates the Lepton 3.1R from other thermal imaging cameras on the market is its larger field of view (FOV) and compact dimensions.


Small size of Teledyne TIC

Lepton 3.1R radiometric thermal camera module offers a 95° field of view in a package the size of a dime. Image used courtesy of Teledyne FLIR



Small, But Oh the View

Because of its wide 95° FOV, users can view larger areas and bigger equipment. Once the baseline thermal signatures are established a few well-placed Lepton 3.1R modules along the assembly line, for instance, might help operators spot overheating motors and bearings faster. Smaller than a US dime, the device can easily be integrated into a broad variety of mobile and handheld scanning devices. Similarly, the Lepton 3.1R's compact size, says Teledyne FLIR, means the device can also be easily embedded into operating equipment controls as well.


Teledyne FLIR Imaging Legacy

Teledyne FLIR has long been a leader in thermal imaging technologies known for its quality, innovation, and advanced thermal imaging technologies. The primary advantage of the company's latest camera module is its combination of superior imaging quality and wide FOV in an incredibly small package. Designed to be integrated into whatever device, machine, or control system needs it, the technology ultimately allows for more accurate, focused preventive and diagnostic maintenance of facilities and operating equipment.