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How to Configure a Combined Guided Wave Radar Transmitter
How to setup the LRV and URV for a combining guided wave Radar with Rosemount Chamber
By Amar DAMENE on 20 May, 2018 - 1:55 am

Dear all,

I am facing a problem on how to setup the LRV and URV for a Combining Guided Wave Radar with Rosemount 9901 Chamber.

ON our Gas Filter (Vessel), The Rosemount Transmitter 5301 is installed on a chamber 9901.

Between the connection of transmitter is 356 mm
The probe length is : 700 mm
Process connection : 2 inch
The size of chamber is :3 inch

My Vessel is a Gas filter with Condensate
Reference: 0 mm bottom of vessel
First connection is at 522 mm
Second connection is at 878 mm

How to setup the transmitter?

LRV = 522 mm ............... 4 mA
URV = 878 mm ............... 20 mA

With considerations of reel level of Vessel?


LRV = 0 mm ...................4 mA
URV = 356 mm ................20 mA

With considerations of only level of chamber?

The Alarm is at 600 mm with trip.

Thanks more

Ready to send you others details.

Not that familiar with these transmitters - perhaps a Technical Note may help:

I believe the total length is what your after, not the distance to each connection point?