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Pressure Transmitter Calibration
Issue checking a datasheet for pressure transmitter submitted by a contractor

I have got a datasheet of a pressure transmitter with Span and Cal Set under the heading Cal Range. The Span is mentioned as 100 - 2000 mbar and Cal Set is 0-200 mbar. Can this be possible as the calibration is outside of the span?

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The end use max is within the allowable range of 100-2000 mbar, that part is okay. But you will have to check the accuracy over your calibrated range of 0-200 mbar.

The low end pressure transmitters are typically a tough measurement in an operating plant, so you often settle on what is available for the cost, but it is wise to check it.

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It is likely interpreted like this:

The possible ranges can use spans from 100-2000 mbar.
That means ranges can be from 0-100 mbar up to 0-2000 mbar

A range of 0-200 mbar falls within the usable turndown range of the device.

As others have suggested it's well able to measure 0 - 200 mbar. You can use a simple water manometer about 8 ft high to check that.