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Need ideas for final year project using PLC
PLCS Project required

I need some ideas on what to do for my end year project using PLC...could anyone help me with ideas??

Take a look at the site below. I have no affiliation with it except for the fact that a friend of mine runs it. It is without doubt the best place to learn about PLCs and get some ideas for projects; perfect for students it seems. Includes tutorials and so on.

Good luck
Keyence Corporation

By Zan Von Flue on 29 September, 2001 - 8:52 am

There are maybe 1000's of idea's. Why don't you be more detailed in your thoughts. What interests you in controls systems? Which branch of PLC programming interests you?

By John Waalkes on 1 October, 2001 - 9:53 am

> I need some ideas on what to do for my end year project using PLC...could anyone help me with ideas??

There's always that venerable old standby, the "Traffic Light Program".



By Steve Myres, PE on 1 October, 2001 - 4:21 pm

>There's always that venerable old standby, the >"Traffic Light Program".

That was the first thing that popped into my head, too. :-)

Or, an automated painting line might be good. Paint a variety of car bodies a variety of colors as they come randomly down the line. You'll retrieve the physical dimensions from a plantwide computer system based on input from a bar code reader or other job ID system. The paint head structure moves up and down, and the heads can gimbal, the fore and aft motion provided by the conveyor. A very limited amount of travel should be provided the frame in the fore and aft direction, to maintain optimum spray distance during the spray time. If the color is being changed, a head purging/cleaning/prefill cycle is required. Don't change the color until you know the next vehicle is actually a different color, or you'll have wasted paint.

Nice to reply thru mail engr,

First of all I have to make clear one thing that PLC is control hardware like processor and Micro controllers. It is an advanced control technology it plays major role in industrial automation. It is having very user friendly programming software than any other technologies.

Developments in VLSI technology bring PLC very close like DCS, because today's PLC has more number of analog functions also like DCS.

By doing your final year project in plc definitely you will get more knowledge on industrial control and automation.

All the best,