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Beta Ratio for orifice meter
clarifications regarding the determination of beta value for orifice meter

i'm designing a orifice meter, venturi meter, for a project in my college. The problem i'm facing now is, if the beta ratio to be calculated depends on pipe diameter or not. The pipe diameter for my project is 2 inches and air is the working medium. And does the same problem account for venturi meter also? Approx. i'm planning to keep beta=0.5 since the calculations are tedious. can anybody help in this problem?


The Beta Ratio is needs to be calculated for Only Orfice Meter

Beta Ratio = Orifice Dia /Pipe Dia

Normally Beta Ratio should be between 0.3 to 0.7.

The Beta Ratio should be selected such that the DP pressure generated across the orifice is within measurable range, does not induce much pressure drop, does not induce very high velocity.

Beta selection depends on many factors and is to be decided carefully. I will help you in your project. Tell me flow in pipe line, pipe dia, pressure of air inside pipe, type of secondary instrument you are going to use for measurement of differential pressure.

There are few articles on flow elements in my web site you can visit it. i am sure you will be benefited. Send me the above required details, i will calculate for you.