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connecting a plc to computer using VB
how to connect a plc to computer by using VB
By thanhvinh on 5 August, 2011 - 1:46 am

i want to make a program on pc by using VB. in this program i will sent some data to plc CQM1H-cpu 51). in plc program will use that data to control some equipment.

but i don't how to connect plc to computer. i hope anyone whom can explain me how can i do that. sorry because my english is not very good

thanks anyway

I used OPC instead. It was easier for me to connect to OMRON PLC that way.

Here is the link to the OPC Server for OMRON:

You will need to install it and then from the drop down menu, select OMRON PLC and you will have access to your data directly.

Hope this was helpful


thank you very much. but i couldn't connect to your link. i wonder if you can send me that file by email.

my email:

just another thing.
can you explain me the way to send and receive data betwen plc and 8051 chip