Siemens Debuts Updated PLC: The S7-1200 G2

April 16, 2024 by David Peterson

The S7-1200 is Siemens’ flagship small form factor PLC, upgradable with signal boards and modules. The new update, the S7-1200 G2, demonstrated at Hannover Messe, contains an array of new features.

Experienced PLC engineers realize the importance of a trusted make and model of control system technology. It’s not just the hardware that sets a PLC apart from the crowd, but a robust, comprehensive software that allows programming and diagnostics in an efficient and convenient manner.

Siemens has just announced the latest update in a well-established series of PLCs used around the globe with the new S7-1200 G2 model lineup.


S7-1200 G2 Updated Features

This PLC series is designed to be the next evolution of the S7-1200 lineup and offers all of the same benefits as the original models which were established over 10 years ago. The intent of the original series is still preserved: flexibility, cost savings, and space optimization, all while retaining powerful processing capabilities.

The base chassis is a compact form factor with built-in digital inputs and outputs, as well as analog inputs. Experienced users will notice a few key differences, and there are also some exciting updates ‘under the hood.’


The new S7-1200 G2 from Siemens

The new Siemens S7-1200 G2 PLC. Image used courtesy of Siemens


On the surface level, the layout of the PLC has been updated, with power entry at the bottom and updated communication ports moved to the top side. An improved LED layout provides I/O point diagnostics in a format that allows add-on signal boards, as well as expansion through signal modules. The I/O point connections have also been improved for enhanced usability.

Internally, several features have been added and improved. The wireless symbol on the front indicates the presence of NFC (near-field communication). This is a com format similar to RFID, but using a connected app that provides detailed diagnostic and device status information.

The PLC also features enhanced memory, improved text-based diagnostics, and integrated motion control for multiple coordinated axes. It is programmed using the TIA Portal, Siemens’ exclusive IDE that bundles the PLC, motion/motor control, and HMI environments into one software package.


Failsafe I/O on the new Siemens S7 PLC

Fail-safe signal boards and signal modules can add safety to the new S7-1200 G2 system. Image used courtesy of Siemens


See The S7-1200 G2 in Action at Hannover Messe

This newest PLC lineup will not be commercially available until Winter of 2024, but visitors to the Hannover Messe show in Germany (April 22-26, 2024) can see a live demonstration of this new PLC, as well as a more comprehensive overview of the entire Xcelerator product portfolio.

As new technical specifications are made available, this article will be updated to provide a full-featured list of improvements over the previous generations of S7-1200 PLCs.