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Power wiring for VFD
Power Wiring for Single phase 240VAC VFD.

So I am using this VFD - ESV371N02YXB.

I believe it is (2/PE) Option. It says the input is 1 phase 240VAC and output is 3 phase. For the input, do I need to power input of 120VAC on L1 & L2 or I need to provide 240VAC??

For my panel, I have 120VAC, 208 VAC & 600 VAC, Single phase and three phase. Do I need to install a transformer ?

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per pages 8 and 14 of the manual (using the model number you provided) you can connect this to 170VAC up to 264VAC single phase. i.e. you can use your 208VAC single phase... your 120VAC single phase will not work. no, don't need a transformer, you can use 208 single phase.

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>So I am using this VFD - ESV371N02YXB.

First of all, do not assume anything in terms of the information provided to you on the spec. sheet. Follow it to the letter. If is says 240VAC input than that is what it is. Another way to know is that if it was dual voltage there should be a selector switch on the CPU board which states the two voltages next to it.

Good luck.