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Config MODBUS in Cimplicity Mark V
How to configure MODBUS in GE Cimplicity Mark V

Dear All,

We have GE Mark V Cimplicity HMI which is connected via MODBUS TCP to DCS.

I tried to modify modbus.dat to add new signal into MODBUS. After editing modbus.dat then I did modbus_l in the command prompt F:\UNITn.

After that restart the TCI, including copy master config in workbench.

But the value of new signal still won't show up when I read using modbustcp simulator, while the old signal show up. At past time when we still use idos, it's so simple. just edit modbus.dat and do modbus_l and then the value will appear. So, are there any differences in config MODBUS list in Cimplicity with config in idos?


By Amar DAMENE on 23 April, 2017 - 5:33 am

Dear bric,

We have GE Mark V Cimplicity HMI which is connected via MODBUS TCP to DCS.

First, what is the cimplicity revision?
Do you have a blackbox to connect your HMI to DCS?

Yes it is possible to modify your Modbus.dat file (adding a new signal) ; but you have to keep the same name of the file in the F:\UNITn.

Why you create a new name Modbus_1.dat

The TCI knows only Modbus.dat and ignore Modbus_1.dat

Then, copy your original Modbus.dat in a safe directory, Then edit it on F: and modify as you like

Yes with IDOS it was simple I did it in 1995

Hope this will guide you.