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    Mark6e (MK5 migration) Exhaust Thermocouples Read Low

    2x1 Combined Cycle, 7FA/D11 with Marke 6e (Mark5 migration) While checking exhaust temperature thermocouples we found that all readings on one unit are low ~20 Deg F. We disconnect the Thermocouple at the Mark6e input card (TBQA) and inject 1000 Deg F with a simulator and get readings of 980...
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    Barometric Pressure Transmitter Calibration

    Historically to confirm the accuracy of the Gas Turbine barometric pressure transmitters, we installed a high accuracy Rosemount Barometric Pressure Transmitter and would just compare the readings. If the 2 Gas Turbine Barometers and the additional Rosemount Transmitter read within +/- .05 inhg...
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    Modbus Test Software

    Looking for what other users have had good experience with testing Modbus links. I've used a software long ago but it was difficult to use so wanted to get an updated request out there to see what others use. Would like something to test various Modbus connections, various applications. I see...