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    Gas Turbine Reverse Power Incident

    Hello Guys, Recently we experienced an interesting event at our site. We have a CCPP at our site operating in Island mode. There are two Hitachi H-25 GTs and one ST which make up the combined cycle. There is also a small Tornado GT of 5MW capability. We operate with one H-25 GT on Iso mode and...
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    Alstom Tornado Gas Turbine Expertise Required

    Hello guys, Anyone here an expert on Alstom EGT Tornado Gas Turbine? I have various queries which I want to straighten out regarding the turbine. We have one Tornado installed at our site and control system employed on it is Rustronic Mark-II. I don't have much experience on the said turbine...
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    "Backup Reference Temperature Active" Alarm

    Hi All, When does the following alarm appears on a GT running on Gas Fuel: "Backup Reference Temperature Active" Thanks in advance.