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    I love linux - cpulimit

    Well after 30 years of working with Linux, and around 10 using it in anger for control system automation, it was a pleasant surprise to stumble across another wee utility to add to our toolset. cpulimit does exactly what it promises. You pass it a limit value in % of available CPU and a program...
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    CO2 Sensors recommendation

    Hi all Am looking for recommendations for CO2 sensors for an automated grow room. I have tried prototyping a data logger using two devices already with very disappointing results. The MH-Z19 and an SM300D2. When a pair of either of these are left running, the CO2 readings are typically...
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    Door Opener on Reefer Container

    Anyone like to have a crack at guessing how to drive this reversible motor? It drives the worm gear on the vent of a Carrier AC system. See:
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    Wiring for 1 Phase 460 Volt Evaporator Motor (Carrier Transicold)

    Am repurposing a refrigerated shipping container that has a couple of these fans in it: Each unit has 7 wires: Blue Orange Yellow White Brown Brown Green The closest I've come across is...