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    Diesel Engines

    We have a 1000kVA DG Set with 38 litre (16 cylinder Vee) displacement. We have another 1000kVA DG Set with 28 Litre (8 cylinder Inline) displacement. The operators are telling that the 38 litre engine is performing better. Noise at high loads is much lesser and smoother. What could be the...
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    Phase to earth voltages are heavily unbalanced

    We have a 415V DG Set for emergency shutdown of a thermal power plant. The DG neutral was kept unearthed as per consultant specification for maximum availability. The load is mainly motors and battery charger and UPS. When we run the DG with neutral ungrounded, the phase to earth voltages are...
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    Checking all the electrical wiring and equipment after flooding

    Our house was flooded with water due to incessant rain. Water rose to 4 feet level in the house. Many of the plug points were submerged. Water pump and motor etc got submerged. The house has concealed wiring within the brick walls. The water drained off in less than 24 hours. Can anybody...
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    Diesel Pump Sizing

    Could somebody please help me with pump sizing calculations for diesel? Thanks in advance.
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    Diesel Engines Performance

    Hi, I would like to have the feedback of the forum members regarding Perkins engines based DG Sets above 1000kVA in comparison with Cummins/ other engines. Thanks in advance.
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    DG Neutral Voltage Displacement

    When 1500kVA DG Set 415V was started on no load (Breaker open)following voltages were observed. DG Neutral is unearthed. RY - 414V YB - 415V BR - 415V RN - 230V YN - 230V BN - 229V RE - 324V (R phase to Earth) YE - 325V (Y phase to Earth) BE - 324V (B phase to Earth) NE - 203V...
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    Generators and Short Circuits

    Which is more disastrous-shorting (phase to phase) & starting a generator or short circuit (phase to phase) happening on a generator running on load. By mistake a LT DG was started with two phases shorted (at a short distance before the breaker) - resulting in damage of alternator rotor...
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    Generator in parallel with transformer

    We have a 2.5MW DG in parallel with a 20MVA trafo. While paralleling the DG to the transformer, sometimes the DG is tripping on reverse power. The DG is located in a separate DG house located around 300m from the switchboard to which both the DG & the transformer are connected. The relay which...
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    Class PS CT secondaries in parallel in differential protection

    6.6kV, 3125kVA, 3ph DG Set. The output of the generator is splitting in to two and going to two different HT switchboards. Switch board is located approx 200m from the DG. For differential protection, we have 6 nos CT on the phase side (3 each in each SWBD) with respective phases connected in...