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    Where should the feedback of AVR be taken in a synchronous generator?

    Hi all, Where should the Feedback for an AVR be taken in a Synchronous Generator? This is a shipboard generator which has an Electronic Automatic AVR installed. The AVR takes its feedback (voltage) from the generator itself and not from the Switchboard Busbar to which the Generator wiring...
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    Why do ships mostly use 3 phase 3 wire systems?

    Hi all, I have the following doubts: [1] In the past 23 years of my service, I have only seen every ship being built in my yard with 3 Phase, 3 wire system with the neutral isolated. why is it that 3 phase 4 wire not used on a ship like in a land based power system? [2] Earlier we used...
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    Voltage Drop Between Generator and Main Switchboard on an Ocean Going Vessel

    [1] A new 1.2 MW, 415V, 50 Hz diesel generator has its voltage dropped between its TB and Main switchboard, by more than 6 V (415 down to 409 V) at 100% Resistive load (P.F=1.0). [2] The distance between the Generator and the MSB is 129 Mtrs. Single core cables of 1x240 sq mm - each 6 runs...