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    Lean Head End (LHE) Liner Flow Tolerance

    A number of years ago I helped solve an issue where Frame 9B units with LHE liners were not lighting off well and did not achieve full speed without flaming out one or two cans. The station had a number of liner sets, but the liners had not been kept in sets. This allowed the sets to get mixed...
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    RS Logix .rsp Files

    I've four .rsp files to open. I believe they came from PLC5, but I only have access to RSLogix5000. Could someone open them as pdf? I can be contacted at [email protected] if anyone can help.
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    MKV Simplex <C> Core Point Toggle

    On the MKV simplex a logic point which is also a <C> contact output is written to by a normally closed bigblock output. The bigblock is also in <C>. Modbus reports this contact output point changing state fleetingly, however the contact output does not physically change state. The logic can...
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    Frame 5 Torque Converter

    This frame 5 unit is 40 years old or so. During attempted starts the unit lights off ok, but fails to get to 60% to break away. Fuel rate increases and exhaust temperature rises towards isothermal. We suspect the torque converter or diesel. We are checking diesel engine speed. for the...
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    MKIV <C> Boot-up Initiates Start

    On a few occasions now, when the <C> processor is rebooted while <R> <S> and <T> are in normal operation and the unit is stopped, sometimes a unit START signal is received in <RST> sequencing. Sometimes a Diesel start is sequenced. Could this be because the processor I/O is not establishing...
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    MARK I Control System Backsheets

    I am trying to collect diagnostic data from Mark I system. Do you know of anywhere I can obtain MKI backsheets?