AB's SLC 5/04 Programming


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Mayur Agravat

Can anybody help me to calculate the totalized flow from a flow transmitter's analog input(flow rate) in AB SLC 5/04, what is the calculation for
calculating the Totalized flow i am measuring the flow in cubicMtrs/Hr.
Pl. Help.
The easiest way is to put some code in a timed interupt program file with a small time like 10ms. In there you just add the quantity that would go through during 10ms (eg: Since you have your number x in m3/hr, you would add x * 0.01/3600).

Of course you need to do it in floating point. Another point is that depending on your process and I/O card stabilization speed, 10ms might be too fast for nothing.
You need to integrate the flow. If you require an accurate totalised flow then you are going to have problems. If there is a pulsed output on the flowmeter use it.
> I use the flow rate divided by the scan time total every scan it works great and
> has been proven against factory meter totalizers

good luck