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Just would like to have your help on the understanding of angular positions and intervals concerned to the parametrization of automated devices such as rotatory positioners, encoders and electronic cams. When you specify the angular interval of a parameter, are you specifying the period in which the output signal will be equal to 1 or 0 or are you specifying the interval window where an input signal would be read and should fit ? Basic concepts and hints are wellcomed. Thanks!
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Incremental encoders are specified by the number of "lines" in one turn of the shaft. If you have a 200-line encoder, then the A and B phases go through their complete cycle (A=0 B=0, A=0 B=1, A=1 B=1, A=1 B=0) 200 times in one turn of the encoder. This works out to 800 total transitions, which most quadrature decoder circuits can count, so a 200-line encoder gives 800 counts per revolution.

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