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Ignacio Fuentes

I need informations about the comunications between I/O module (Beckhoff BK7200) and UD-75, Control Techniques driver.
I don't know the manner to create the diagnostic from the UD-75 because I don't know what parameter I can see from the driver, and the information what I have received from CT is not enough.

Where could I find more informations about it?

Sasa Vukanovic

Dear Ignacio,

You can use local logic (in UD75) on Unidrive to program what you want to control. For example , you may make a software (I was used DPL - Drive
Programming Language- in UD 76 , but now you have SYPT ) which read important parameters for that comunication and if OK you may display that
result on drive display or you can activate some of free digital outputs on drive to signalisation.

With this software you have access to all parameter of drives (few houndred) and parameters which a on CT NET. UD7x module is very flexibile to programming.

I have DPL software with drivers for MB+, CT NET and other combination and I think that you must have some manual for software for that programming. You must make programming cable for connection to UD75 and start to programming....

Sasa Vukanovic

Ignacio Fuentes

Dear Sasa,
Thanks you for your information.
You are working with Modbus Plus network, UD-76, has you any experence with remote I/O module in this network? are you using Beckhoff?
If you are using Remote I/O what are you doing when the communications inside the network crash, how you can get this information from the UD-76? Is it posible to program a diagnostic tool where the UD-76 can know the posible problem in the network or this node receive only the last register communication but doesn't know if it crash the communication?

Ignacio Fuentes

Sasa Vukanovic

Dear Ignacio,
I have application in theatre (one year ago) with 3 PLC and 40 CT drives in MB+ network. Every drive had one UD76 module and when I connected them, LED diode on UD76, start to blinking.
That's visual network checking. In PLC's (Modicon Quantum) I was using special comm block (MSTR) where I have one output for network work checking, but I make simple part of checking in PLC, where PLC send some data to drive (in one free drive register - for example #20.10), after that in UD76 application software make simple increment of that data (put on for example #20.11 drive parameter) and send back to PLC. In this network function of supervision is in PLC. When I started to work on that project, I analyzed possibility of CTNET network and made a choice
for Modbus Plus because I used Modicon PLC. You have better control of that network over connected drives with CTNET because drives with UD75 involve "deep" in CTNET. If you want I may try to find more specifically (and detailed) information about CTNET and their resourse.
Do you see Control Techniques WWW?
Which number of drive you using?Which CT software you use?

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