Belt-type Feeder Calibration


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hello everyone
I want to ask about belt type feeder. If I calibrate it to zero OR full calibration by test weight then why do I need to adjust the factor to run ON LOAD?
I may be a little off topic, my experience is conveyor weigh scales. If you get them lined up properly the calibration weights or chains should be very close to a belt cut where you weigh the product better than 5% for sure.

The biggest problem with belt scales is getting them lined up correctly. the idlers on both sides of the measuring idlers must be evenly spaced and dead in line, not up or down even a mm as this is effected greatly by belt tension which will push down on a high idler or lift off a low one. There is quite a difference between a calibration chain that runs on the belt and a weight that hangs on the load cell. Belt speed is also very important, you cannot rely on the scale to measure that.

Put a mark on the belt as a reference.

Measure the belt length,

Check the zero by running the reference past several times (longer conveyors can be made of several pieces of differing weight causing the zero to count up and down)

Calculate the speed Belt length / time to rotate

Apply calibration weight