BS&W meters vs water cut meters


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What is the difference between BS&W meters and water cut meters? How does a BS&W meter measure Basic sediments and water in an oil? Awaiting your valuable replies
Historically, instruments used to measure H20 in oil have been called BS&W units. The newer trendier name is w/c meters. They are exactly the same thing.
Dear Mr Rozen,

From what I have seen over the years it seems to me that BSandW has become a very popular term in reference to a device used to trigger low water content to a switching valve for LACT units. The term W/C is being used often to describe a higher cost device that measures higher void fractions for pipelines. I guess some people might have a differing opinion but I would certainly agree.- Yes, at the end of the day these devices are the same in the sense that they will generally use a similar principal to cover both ranges whether using radio, microwave or light frequency. If you are in Europe and want devices that are European certified to ATEX and also compliant with the mandatory PED (pressure equipment Directive) as well as an ability to cover all ranges you can try ROXAR, EESIFLO and AGAR.

If you looking for devices that comply to USA regulations I think almost all companies have that already. The European standards are much more difficult to comply with because of CE and Pressure Directives. If you are in Europe, make sure that people actually are certified in their compliance and are not simply making a general statement of compliance.