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Which cable do I need to connect to a PC running RSLogix500 from the mini-din port on SLC5/04? What other hardware, if any, is needed? Thanks!

Alan Hartwell

It would help to know what you want to connect to on the other end of the cable. The DIN connector is typically used to connect to a programmer, of which there are a number of possibilities. The SLC-5/04 uses DH+ protocol, which can communicate with a wide array of Allen-Bradley devices in addition to a programmer, but the "BLUE HOSE" connector is most often used for that purpose.
Allen Bradley's 1747-CP3 Cable Assembly.

Or you can make your own..Find pin-out on AB site for the cable ..Under support..

The 5/04 has a DH+ and RS232 port on it. The mini DIN (round port) is the DH+ port and requires the following for a desktop:

ISA card is 1784-KTX (add 'D' for dual channel)
PCI card is 1784-PKTX (add 'D' for dual channel)

Either will require the 1784-CP13 cable

For a laptop you would need the PCMCIA card, 1784-PCMK, and cable, 1784-PCM6.

If you wish to go a cheaper route, use the 1747-CP3 cable which would connect your pc's serial port to channel 0 (9 pin D).


Anonymous Coward

There is a PCMCIA kit which includes the 1784-PCMK card, a 1784-PCM5 cable - which terminates into a 9-pin D-shell connector, and a 1784-CP7 connector, which converts the 9-pin DH+ connector to the mini-DIN connector. The kit is part number 1784-PCMC. You can save a few $$$ by purchasing the kit rather than separates.

Chris Bramall

The mini din on an SLC5/04 is actually a duplicate PORT 0 conncetion on the PLC.

The port is initially configured using the DF1 protocol but can be modified within the PLC to DH485. It is not a DH+ port, that is the 3 pin plug adjacent to it.

To connect a Laptop using a 9 pin serial port to the mini din port on the SLC5/04 you need either a
1761-CBL-AP00 which is only 45cm long or
1761-CBL-PM02 which is 2m long.

Alternativly you can connect to the 9 pin RS232 port on the SLC5/04 using a 1747-CP3 which is 3m long.

NOTE. You cannot use both the 9 pin RS232 and the mini din simultaneously.

Best Regards

Chris Bramall, Barnsley, UK


Tragically, the appended post is almost entirely incorrect.

The mini-DIN on a 5/04 is a second Channel 1 port. The DB9 socket is for RS232 connection to Channel 0.

The mini-DIN is a DH+ network access port. It can be configured for baudrate, but not for any other protocol. Electrically, it is parallel to the three-pin removable terminal block.

The 1761 cables mentioned are not intended for use with SLC500 processors, but they are intended to provide 24VDC power to accessories in other
Allen-Bradley product lines. Please don't connect them to CH1 on a 5/04.

Earlier posts by me and others on this topic had orrect and useful information.

Hope this helps!
Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida

Trevor Ousey

Actually on the SLC5/04 it is port 1, and it is DH+, and the cable options are varied depending on the what you are connecting with. The cheaper
option is to use the DB9 serial port and a nul modem cable, but you will not be able to browse the dh+ network. The mini din on PLC5's is the
same, parallel with ch1a, and sometimes a second with ch2a. The micro's with a mini-din are DF1 serial to be different.


ERmmm... No.... Completely false.

I use a PCMK card configured for DH+ to talk to my 5/04 thru the 8 pin DIN module.

I simultaneously use the 9 pin RS-232 D-shell connector to communicate from the SLC to a stepper controller while online to the SLC using the 8 pin DIN.

Also, simultaneously, I use the 3 pin DH+ connector to talk to 2 Quickpanel screens and a PC running Wonderware.

Doing a 'who active' while connected to the 8 pin din connector shows me the devices on the DH+ network, not the RS-232 port.

This is true on all 19 of the machines in production.

What you say is true of the Micrologix processors, but not the SLC 5/04.

Sorry. :-/

--Joe Jansen
The mini-din IS NOT a replication of Channel 0, it is parallel connection to Channel 1 (DH+)!!

Those cables will not work!!
the cable that you need for SLC-5/04 is DF1 cable
(db9 female - female) with pin 2-3, 3-2, 5-5, 7-8, 8-7, 4-6, 1-6.
I hope this will help.
I don't think you are quite right Chris, the mini din is always Ch1 and configured as DH+, the only thing you can do to it is change the baud rate or switch it off. I have not tried it as I always use a PCMK card, but I also can find no reason why the two ports cannot be used together, certainly the Blue Hose dh+ and the mini din can run together.
Sorry, forgot to add this bit -
If it were possible to make a direct connexion to that port (Ch1 dh+) from an rs232 port, why do AB supply the PCMK card at an extortionate cost, and why bother sticking and identical port next to it?
You folks should be flogged..
for your knowledge of the 5/04...

It took a few before one finally gave the correct answer.