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J.P. Rooney

CALL FOR PAPERS. 38th ANNUAL SPRING RELIABILITY SYMPOSIUM RELIABILITY AND SAFETY: State of the Art Reliability and Safety Techniques. Reliability and Safety analyses share common approaches, such as using the mathematics of probability to assess the likeliness of the occurrence of an event. The theme of the 2001 Symposium seeks to explore the tools common to both reliability and safety disciplines, and to present the symposium attendees lesson learnt from the application of these tools to real life experiences. Dr. William M. Goble, author of the book, Control System Safety Evaluation and Reliability, will be the symposium's keynote speaker, giving us a broad-brush examination of the relationship between safety and reliability. Papers are solicited to share the real world experience of reliability parishioners in the safety arena. Appropriate subjects would include, but are not limited to: Failure Modes and Effects (FMEA) as related to hazards review and safety assessments. FMECA: critical, major and minor failure modes as examined by safety analysts. FMEDA: Failure Modes Effects And Diagnostic Analysis: Case Histories? Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) as applied to safety related systems or events. Failure rate predictions: with the "demise" of MIL-HDBK-217, what source are you using? How "good" are these predicted numbers for safety analysis? Are they acceptable? Experience with the new Safety Evaluation Standards: IEC 61508 or ISA S84.01 Safety Integrity Levels (SIL): your experience achieving certification to customer required SILs? Field Data: field proven availability experience of fault tolerant systems and SILs. Software Reliability: How do you factor in the effects of software? Human Reliability and Safety: what models are you using? The main goal of this symposium is to share real world experiences, thus offering training not typically found in academic settings. A social hour will follow the formal presentations; speakers will then be available to answer questions and for further discussions. Prospective authors should submit a 330 to 4000 words abstract to the Technical Chairman by Tuesday, January 16, 2001. Abstracts must indicate the type of submission, and should include the author's name, affiliation postal address, E-mail address, telephone number and a brief biography. Multiple authors: identify the correspondence and presenting author. The correspondence author will be notified of acceptance by Friday, February 2, 2001. Deadline for camera-ready copy of accepted papers and tutorials is Friday, March 17, 2001. Submit all abstracts and any questions or comments to: Technical Chairman, IEEE Spring Symposium John Peter Rooney, Senior Member IEEE, 11 Anchor Drive Plymouth, Massachusetts, 02360-3201, USA Tele: (508)-224-8156 E-mail: [email protected]. Visit the web site: http:\\www.\users\ieee\home.html for on-line registration and information.