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i am encountering problems finding sensors for a silo filled with cement. i need sensors which can measure the quantity of product in one silo. this could be by level sensor or could be by distance measure.

needung infor. urgently...

Siemens/Milltronics claims their Sitron radar level systmem will work on these kinds of applications.
You can try vibrating fork level sensors which we are using in our plant. Only, maybe sometimes, you may have to slightly hammer the same for getting accurate results (we almost regularly do this). Mind you this is not a continuous measurement system.

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what are the dimensions of the silo? may be you could use the models from Hendress&Hauser they have a very good level sensor that is a rope with a load in the other end levelflex is the name of the sensors but the distance is limited.

if the silo is metalic may be you could use a kind of sensor that is installed in the outside of the silo, it uses the tension in the wall to measure.

i have some experience with milltronics they use some ultrasonic wave i their sensors but is not very good if you have to much cement dust inside the silo.

hope this could help you...
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The measuring of cement in a Silo consist of two problems:
During the filling of the silo ultrasonic sensors are not able to give you alarm signals which are precise enough to block of feeder pipes. Using in parallel a more traditional sensor (vibrating or other) is necessary.
Secondly the temperature of fresh cement depends can be quit high at the time of delivery.

I personally equiped a nummers of cement silos in concrete plants with a measuring divices. The only correct combination I found was the FMU range of Endress & Hausser.

I combined this with a on purpuse build integrated presure sensoring system to protect the filters against dammage and a automatic cut off system in the supply pipes.
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All talk about radar sensor, ultrasonic or vibration sensor, but all this don't work apropriately with the cavern in the silo.

The best technology for this application is a level system for microcells... (weighing system). please visit the web page of Kistler-Morse (http://www.kistlermorse.com)

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Dear Raju,

We have developed a good system for weighing the contents of cement silos, using strain gauges stuck to the silo legs. We have about 400 silos instrumented in this way, mostly here in South Africa, buit also in Israel, and in Europe.

The system measures mass, not level.

The accuracy is usually 1% of silo capacity, but 3% can be guaranteed.

If you are interested, please write me an e-mail: [email protected] and I send you a leaflet.

Louis Eder
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If cement is finished cement, laser will not work until the dust has settled. Thermo Ramsey has their C-Level that would work. Also, Siemens reportedly has a radar gauge that does cement level.

Robert Harrison

We have successful continuous ultrasonic level systems on finshed cement silos up to 65ft while filling (up to 130 ft when not filling). Our 3 degree effective beam angle can monitor the level as it is emptying down into the cone. The Pulsar Level Star (http://pulsar-us.com/docs/LowLit-LevelStar.pdf) and dB40 transducer is the answer.

Please feel free to visit our website www.pulsar-us.com or call to discuss 850-609-1777. We offer 30 day trials and can provide references.

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We are level switches manufacturers and can solve your application. We have lot of installations in such applications.

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The VEGAPULS68 manufactured in Germany by VEGA is a through air radar gauge specifically designed to measure solids in silos. There is an extensive installed base of this particular radar gauge in cement silos worldwide.

We too have similar problem for fine silicon carbide powders. Some cases load cells are suggested to get high or low level sensing. Point level sensing by Sapcon vibration level sensors are also used by us.

I too need good suggestion for silicon carbide level sensor.
By weight is the most accurate.

Kistler Morse & Ramsey make cells that can be retrofitted quite easily to existing silo's legs. I have used Milltronics (Siemens) Ultrasonic with some success, but it's hard to get a good echo when filling, especially when the silo is low.


We tried the VEGA PULS68 and it was not accurate at all...!! we had differences of 5 to 10 tons and this is too much for a 150 tons Silo Capacity.

Anybody experienced good results can explain how was it installed? Because I believe the Supplier didn't do a good job installing it.