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I am the process engineer for a small plant that has an old TDC-3000 DCS (ie: no one left who knows how to program them). I have a program (CL file) that is used daily that I need to change a pressure setpoint in. I know how to edit and compile the program from the command module, but I don't know how to get the system to actually use the new file. What do I need to do?
More information is needed before your question can be answered. What Honeywell Software version are you using? Is the CL program being run on an Application Module (AM) or on a Process Manager (PM, APM or HPM)? Do you have the Honeywell TDC-3000 Bookset available for the module you are using for the CL?

Once I have these answers, I can get you through your problem. Feel free to contact me off list via email kb5le at

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1. The CL you wish to change, must have a process module point, associated. Where does this point reside, xPM or AM?

2. You must identify the correct and most genuine source file for that point. As i have seen at many instances, you may come across several CL files (all of different time stamps in different directories, making it very difficult to identify, which one was compiled and running?)

3. There are seperate procedures to load the object file for a xPM or an AM.

Please share more details. I can help on this.

Naeem H Tahir

How can i check which point is linked with which CL? i am using AM. Is there any utility which can do this job or i ll have to go through all files manually?
> How can i check which point is linked with which CL? i am using AM. Is there
> any utility which can do this job or i'll have to go through all files manually?

At our site, we use a tool called DOC3000 which we run once per week and highlights these associations. You might be able to use the Find Names utility (command "FN" on command line). I haven't used FN much myself but maybe that can help direct you to the documentation to use the command.

If its an AM CL block, it could be used on multiple tags so it could take some hunting.

hope it helps

Richard Byrne

find the CL source code, most likely to be in a folder called PMCL or AMCL. use the command LS>NET>xxxxx.CL where xxxxx is the name of the CL file..normally you can find this on the Process module point its attached to. Then run the command ED>xxx>xxxx.CL and make your changes within the source code. Save changes by pressing CTL+F1 then CTL+F2.

Compile the CL using CL>xxxx> -UL where -UL is Update Library switch. Copy the compiled .NO file to the corresponding UCN data file.

CP Net>xxxx>xxxxxx.NO NET>&Exx>= -d where xx is UCN number.

INACTIVATE Process Module point and load the new .NO file then activate again and the change is done,,, this is only for HPM, APM... AM CL is different and dependent whether you are using CDS or not.
I am working on a migration project on the Honeywell system & I need to convert AMCL code into a VB script or C/C++.
Can anyone suggest any tools or something else that can help me?