Connecting a rs485 4-wire to 232 converter


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I want a rs485 4-wire to 232 converter where can i get this to check the communicate with PC. Third party device is 4-wire and my device is a 2-wire. How can i establish connection can anybody help me?

can u please explain me about rs-422 and diff between 485 and 422?
RS485 is 2 wire (plus a common reference) while RS422 is 4 wire (plus a common reference). Most devices that support RS422 4 wire can also be wired to be RS485 2 wire. With such devices you jumper TxA to RxA and TxB to RxB for RS485 2 wire operation.

Robert Willis

You need to purchase a RS485 4-Wire to RS232 converter. Depending on your computer requirements you could also use a USB to RS485 4-Wire Converter.

RS485 can be configured in a 2-Wire or 4-Wire configuration. You will need to confirm that the converter supports both configurations for maximum flexibility.