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i want get some information about way out access serial port by using microsoft access and this i want application to read weighting indicator load cell. thx.
You'll need to use the "Microsoft Communications Control" or other ActiveX control in VBA. It's file name is MSCOMM32.OCX. I don't think it ships with Access but if you've installed any other software on the machine that uses this control (such as VB6) then it should be available to Access.

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If memory serves me correctly you'll need to have installed the VB6 development environment to work with it, or it will complain of a
license violation. Just installing a VB6 runtime that happened to coincidentally install the ocx is insufficient. Once you get the VBA code like you want it, then it will run on another machine so long as you have the correct references checked in the references menu.

Warning, warning, warning: this is a serious pain in the butt to get working correctly and keep it that way. It's much easier to write a
stand alone VB program that reads the serial port and puts the data into the mdb file. VB6 is designed to work well with Access, but Access is
*NOT* designed to work with serial ports.

Can you do it like you want? Yes, it will work, and I have the battle scars to prove it. But you might have an easier time rowing across the
Atlantic ocean in a canoe.

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