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I have a linear motor working in force control mode. I want to have a rough math model to this motor from reference current to the position. I used a first order linear model for the force control loop, and double integrator in order to get the position signal, both integrator has a zero initial value. This model has some problem: the output position will drift away when applying a simusodial input. But, this is not observed in practice. What could be the correct model for the force control loop of this linear motor?
Send snail mail company address and I'll send you a 25 page paper on this showing the LaPlace equivalent for a motor. It also shows the motor
in the current loop, velocity loop, and position loop with compensation. Will also send a short paper on time constants.
Both were written by our staff engineer and servo expert, George Younkin. We'll also send you a flier on his servo application book.
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