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i have a power recloser that supports the following protocols "DNP3.0 over TCP, IEC60870-5-104" through the ethernet port.

and i have a Siemens PLC s7-1200 with modbus communication module that is installed with the recloser.

i have contacted the recloser controller manufacture and i asked them if it can support modbus RTU by adding a new communication card and they confirmed that it is support only DNP 3.0 over TCP and IEC60870-5-104.

I'm looking for a DNP 3.0 to modbus RTU converter that if applicable can be installed between the recloser controller and the Siemens PLC.

that converter will be as DNP 3.0 master and the recloser will DNP 3.0 as slave.

my goal is to poll the recloser measurements "Current, volt , trips readings" from the converter as DNP 3.0 master and poll them by the Siemens S7-1200 through modbus RTU protocol.

in addition send the remote control order "ON/OFF" the recloser from the PLC to the converter using modbus protocol and the converter will send the order to the recloser using DNP 3.0 protocol.

first of all, do the proposed solution is applicable?
if yes, can you help me determine which vendors can support that converters?

Thanks in advance
The best suggestion I can make for you is to do it in the S7 PLC. An external protocol adapter (if one exists for this) will be another layer of hardware sitting in between & the system will have a dependency on this hardware & vendor. A software solution is always better & flexible in my mind. Also, it may be a cheaper solution with a one time expense. We have done similar tasks (non Siemens protocol support) with S7 PLC, but not for DNP3. We have a DNP3 master/client driver, so have the knowledge to do it.

If you need any help, contact me, will glad to help. [email protected]
You can try looking at ICP DAS converters. They usually manufacture converters that provide unique communication. I've used their products and it is rather robust. Their tech support is also free, so configuration was quick. One of the engineers told me to use this table in case I need to find something else.

I know they have converters and gateways for Modbus RTU. Hope this helps.
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