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Alok Khatlawala

I have purchased a tank gauging system from a vendor in India. He has utilized Elipse SCADA for the user interface and communications to the
field devices.
I have an application, wherein I need to give a command to one of the field devices at regular intervals (event based).
I went through the application, but was not able to get a method of triggering events.
Can anyone help please?

Elipse Support

By default, Elipse SCADA will only write to the device when it sees the value of the tag change. This method is utilized to keep from continuously sending the same data over and over to the device, making the application more efficient.

To send the same data (such as a value that equals a command) to the device at
a real time rate, I recommend the following:
- Create a Chrono tag
- On the Chrono's General page:
*Set the Preset value to the rate you wish to send the data (command)at.
* Enable 'Start timer...', 'Always reset...' and 'Restart on preset'
- On the Chrono's Scripts page:
* Press the New button and select the 'OnPreset' event.
* In the Actions area, embed the desired PLC tag's write function. It should look something like MyPLCTag.Write()

This will now write the value of MyPLCTag at whatever rate you defined in the Chrono's Preset field.

If you need more help, just send an email to:
[email protected]