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I have Excel reading values from an HMI via DDE. The spreadsheet opens automatically when the system is started, but somebody has to click on "yes" when Excal says "The workbook you opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook. Do you want to update linked information Y/N". How can I have Excel answer "yes" to is own question? Thanks!!

José L. Herrera

I had the same problem some time ago, and I don´t remeber exactly. If you are using Excel 2000 go to tools/options/edit menu and uncheck the "ask to update automatic links" option, and see if that helps. José L. Herrera [email protected]
The reply from José L. Herrera was the right answer!! By the way, I am using Excel 97 but this is the same. Thanks!!!!

Walter Gonzalez

I'm new to DDE programming in EXCEL to get data from an HMI application. Does anyone know of some good reference material on this subject? Can you share your code if it's not sensitive material? Walter Gonzalez Motion Control Engr.

Mohamed Sakr

I have done this before, you should do the following in Excel
1- Select tools/option
2- Select Edit Tab
3 - Clear ( uncheck) the check box " Ask to update automatic link"

this on Office 2000 package, and I thank this will be same in older versions of Excel.

Mohamed Sakr
Email [email protected]