Failure to Ignite After Offline Water Wash


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GE frame 9e DLN after offline water wash failure to ignite GT.

1: during water wash the main atomizing air isolation v/v not close properly and after all this situation below.

almost 10 start AUTO.

JUST ignition two times when we increase fire timer 30 sec to 60 sec.

last time we no increase fire timer just open booster compressor suction vent v/v and fire successful.

so again normal start failure to ignite.

CSA what we have to check maintenance still check all lineup of atomizing system?
You haven't told what fuel you're trying to start on, or want kind of combustion the unit has (DLN, or???).

From the (little) information provided, it sounds as if there might be water in the low points of the Agonizing Air piping between the AA Compressors and the AA manifold in the turbine compartment. If the internet has gas fuel capability there may also be water in the gas fuel manifold(s). Has anyone opened the low point drains in the piping to drain the water out, or just to ensure there is no water in the piping?

I have heard of spark plug tips getting very wet and not getting dried off enough after an offline water wash. But, usually the plugs needed maintenance or replacement and were marginal before they got wet.

Make sure the AA Precooler shell is also not full of water.

And, check ALL valves which were either opened or closed during the water wash to be sure they are in the proper, normal running positions as shown in the P&Id's.

Oh, and of course, just keep mashing the START button. The electric motor repair shop will thank you very much pretty quickly.

Fuel, spark and air--and not too much of either is all it takes to start an internal combustion engine. The air has be free from water especially if it's atomizing air. And the fuel also has to be free from water. Use the P&IDs to check all valve positions, and visually look over the piping paying special attention to the lowest points in the piping where water can collect. Each of those low points should have a drain, either with a manually-operated valve or a pipe plug which can be removed to drain any water.

Make sure the spark plugs or inhibitors (if the unit has DLN combustors) are clean and in good shape. Replace them if necessary, one at a time.

But certainly keep mashing the START button cause either the unit will eventually start, the starting motor or torque converter will fail or something else will break. I do not recommend changing the firing timer unless the unit is cranked for an extended period after a failure to ignite before another START-mashing occurs. You could end up with a very loud BANG if you're not careful.

Please write back to let us know what you discover and how you believe you solved the problem!
Dear CSA,

we use distallate liquid fuel; machine is DLN.

CSA as i told you we start three times our gas turbine two time on fire timer increase. this total running time on FSNL IS 30 MIN.

BUT AFTER again when we start to normal timer again fail to ignite.

last startup we open booster suction vent v/v, and on second attempt with out increase timer firing, GT fired and we keep GT 15 min on FSNL.

but after next day again we start on normal lineup with out opening booster suction vent v/v, GT again failure to ignite.

we remove booster suction filter mesh but no successful. again failure to ignite.

as i told you total 35min in we put FSNL. so, i think no water in lower points. why we get all time failure to ignite?