Foxboro Spec 200 2AX+MUL Multiplier Divider


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De Maeyer Ronny

Hi all,
I have the following problem:

We have a spec200 (Foxboro) card 2AX+MUL for analog calculations. The card has 4 inputs 0-10Vdc, and you can configure different formulas.
The one we use is D=(A*B)/C with D being the output 0-10V and A input from dp 0-125 mbar 0-10V, B temp 123.2 to 323.2 Kelvin 0-10V and C press. 0-10Barg 0-10V.
In the MI we have (MI 2AP-130) there is an example on how to configure and calculate the different voltages, but it is not very clear.
My question is, if someone has any experience to calculate the voltages with these type of cards.

Thanks in advance


There is a document from Foxboro which is called
something like "Scaling for Spec 200" where you can find many examples (I have a copy somewhere in my house).
To be able to do the scaling you must have additional information as range and EU for the output, reference temperature and reference pressure.
I will look for the document on the weekend and if
found it, will let you know.