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madlener robert

I am a pupil at the HTL in Bregenz/Vorarlberg/AUSTRIA. Now I am working at a project for the final exam. The device we should build permanent has to record the fuel consumption of a car in litres and the driven kilometres with the help of suitable sensors and a
microprocessor. We should display then the fuel consumption in litres per 100 kilometer.

Does anyone have information on this topic?::

robert madlener

Javier Gonzalez Ramon

Need more data, example: If the car is running in place, the exact number of parameters to control.

Anthony Kerstens

I'm not sure about Europe, but here we can get Haines or Chilton books for various vehicles. The one I have for my car gives a detailed schematic of the vehicles electrical system. So, your first step is to obtain such a book for the vehicle you are working with.

The driven KM should not be hard as there should be a pulse train off the transmission which gives the speedometer its signal. You would know whether the vehicle is in motion and should be able to count pulses to obtain KM of travel. As
for the litres of fuel, I'm not sure what to do.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
Well, at a minimum you will need a fuel flowmeter and either an odometer takeoff or a secondary odometer, and both will need to send a signal to
either a datalogger or a datalogger with display or a recorder. Draw yourself a flow chart and get busy finding the components. Then build it.

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Curt Wuollet

You can do this with what's on the car already.
Nearly all have a sensor of some sort to measure axle speed. Any reasonably recent vehicle will have electronic fuel injection. Fuel flow will be proportional to injector on time and fuel pressure. This may not be linear and will have an offset due to response time. Borrow an accurate flow meter and calibrate flow. Or determine empirically. Distance against odometer should be close enough. Integrate flow for consumption over a convenient update time.
Distance is self explanitory.
Have fun