gas turbine frame 9.E tripp by loss of flame during shutdown

Dear WTF,

  • Has the ambient temperature (the temperature of the air entering the axial compressor changed from when the shutdown was working correctly until now? / No
  • How long has it been since the last maintenance inspection was completed? Immediately prior to this flameout problem starting? Or weeks or months prior? / Months
  • if the machine is a dual fuel / light crude oil & distillate
  • clearly if exhaust temperature spreads increased recently, especially during shutdown / we will see
  • at the time of trip by loss of flame LCO FWRD pump pressure was 6.1 bar and VC3-1 opening was 5%
  • at the time of trip by loss of flame liquid fuel pump disch. pressure was 9.4 bar
  • at the time of trip by loss of flame VS1-1 was opened
I hope this will help you, waiting for your advice.
thanks a lot
The most likely cause of the problem is plugged/choked fuel nozzle internal passages and or orifices, most likely caused by carbonization of fuel (most likely light crude oil, but depending on the quality of the distillate being burned it could also be cause by distillate fuel) in the fuel nozzle(s). If the unit is ever tripped while running on light crude oil then fuel which remains in the fuel nozzle(s) can, and will most likely, carbonize due to the heat of the nozzle and surrounding metal when the unit is coasting down and on cooldown. And, if the unit can't be re-started quickly then the problem of carbonization can be increased.

That's one of the major reasons for starting and stopping a crude/distillate machine on distillate. Distillate (#2 fuel oil) doesn't have as much of a tendency to carbonize during stopping, and cooldown. (Yes, it's also easier to atomize and ignite at low flows such as during starting and acceleration, but by switching to distillate during shutdown the distillate purges the fuel lines and nozzles of crude so that starting and acceleration are much easier.)

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