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Krishnakumar Kumar

Hi All, I have been approached by one EPC contractor for a Ground Temperature Measuring System in a LNG Pipe Line project in Middle East. The system comprises of a temperaure element(pipe sensor) embedded on the LNG pipe burried in sand. This in turn is connected to an RTd of approx length of 255mm which is taken to the surface and then connected a remote mounted temperature transmitter via a junction box. I was told that there is some German company who can offer the complete system. I solicit your views on this and would be much obliged if somebody can advise a suitable source for this application. Best Regards, B.K.Kumar [email protected]
Hello Is the sensor to be mounted inside the gas pipe so it reads the gas - or do they just want it in a LNG type pipe? What material for the pipe? The RTD is only small and the leads would be 255 mm or did I read it wrong? We can do either T/C with a pre programmed transmitter or RTD. Contact me directly for more information (email below). Thanks Bob Hogg [email protected] www.almegcontrols.

Jane Rowsell

It is a bit late now, but Sensa (part of Schlumberger) supply fiber optic temperature monitoring for LNG pipelines and plant, see
We may be able to help.
Jane Rowsell