Hardware used to install fieldbus


James Ingraham

Uh... no. Not without knowing what you're trying to do. But to give you a non-answer, you will need a fieldbus master, fieldbus cable, and
at least one fieldbus slave. Are you using "fieldbus" as a generic description of an industrial network, or are you referring to
"Foundation Fieldbus", an annoying and confusing copyright-protected name of a specific fieldbus? Because if you mean it generically, I
could be wrong and you instead need at least to fieldbus peers, with no masters or slaves. You'll need to decide what it is you are trying
to accomplish first. Saying "I want a fieldbus" is a bit like saying "I want to talk." What do you want to say, and who do you want to say
it to? In what language?

James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.
Basically you have to lay in the field either instruments or sensors that are able to talk Fieldbus and a controlling device (PLC, PC w/SCADA Software, etc.) to either fetch or send info from/to the sensors or instruments. The fieldbus signals can be sent using standard Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cables suitable for instrumentation apps.