Help Me on Vijeo Citect 7.4

Hello guys,

I am new here and currently just got a job in a company that provides smart chiller system service. So, I have exactly zero knowledge in Vijeo Citect 7.4 that we have been using and no one can guide me as all the former employees cannot be contacted. Basically, I am all alone and tryna figure out everything by myself. So, my boss tell me that I can get support from the forum and agree to pay the fee for the support provided. So, anyone that have professional knowledge in this apps, can you guys reach me out so that maybe I can apply to your support services whenever I am in need, and I am ready to discuss the price. If I need to learn this by myself, Its gonna take some time. So, I need someone can assist me anytime so that if any problems occur, I can reach my support system and also try to fix it by myself and see whoever solve it first. It is also good to have someone that can teach and train me from beginners to advanced knowledge of vijeo citect 7.4 because most of the videos on Youtube only used CitectScada.

I also would like to learn how to connect all the hardwares such as sensors, DPM and etc and PLC stuffs.
Thank you!


Hi, I have years of valuable experience in vijeo citect going back as far as v6.x up to v7.4 and now on the later versions of citectscada2020. Can you provide more details of the issues your having with your current project to see if I can assist you. Thanks