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In our power plant, we have six units of GE-F9 with a speedtronic Mark4 control system. To analyze our events, we use history log.

Question: How can we import more points in this log (his_sp4 .... his_sp10)

Please indicate the process of activating the points of his_sp4 .... his_sp10 on the history log page.
Thanks for your reply.

>Do you have the MA password (MA=Manufacturing Associate)?

In order to access our control system, we have three codes

1- master code
2- user code or ID code
3- control identity code (access to data list 20)

which one is MA password?
The Data List 20 had a hidden set of screens for enabling or disabling some options and things like that. It’s been decades since I’ve looked at the MA screens, but if it is possible to add any points to the Trip History it would probably be done through the MA display function.

If it’s possible.

I don’t recall any capability like that in the TIM function.

Let us know what you discover!