How does Telemecanique Grafcet works?


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I need to change a program from TSX47 to S7-400, but I have no idea how does grafcet works, I have the TSX47 program in ladder language but I don't understand the meaning of Fast, Mast, Aux0...etc.
Is the TSX47 really programmed in Grafcet, or in straight ladder.

The TSX47 program can be partioned off and scaned in three different ways: Master - normal scanning method (cylical), start at the begining go to the end and then start over; Fast - partion scan occurs based on a specific time frame (i.e. every 15msec); Event driven - partion is scanned only when and event occurs (i.e. a signal from a high speed input).

Grafcet is a means of controlling the program flow (not scan) as part of the Master task. Simply put, Grafcet provides a sequence of actions (steps) and conditions (transitions). An action does not occur unless the condition, in front of it is satisfied. The steps and transitions are connected on a chart (or graph) rather than on a ladder. It is common to have ladder logic internal to each individual step and transition. A generic name for Grafcet is sequential function chart.

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Grafcet is a sequential function chart programming language. It's based on steps and transitions like SFC in an IEC compliant package like Concept. I have some of the old TSX47 manuals in PDF you might be able to use to help translate. The new PL7 software which covers the Modicon Telemecanique TSX Micro and Premium PLCs can directly import a program saved in the older DOS version from the TSX17/47/67 and assist you in the conversion to a newer Modicon Telemecanique PLC. That would be much easier than reinventing the program from scratch.

Respond with an email address and I can contact you about the PDFs off the list.

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

Why don't you change to a Schneider Premium PLC? If you do that, you can import the whole program without any additional service. On the other hand, if you change to another brand, you will have retype all the program....