i need comtext program to program op15 coros


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-i need comtext siemens op15 programming program
-i have appication program which wrotten in comtext but i havent comtext program to download it
-i have protool but it cant open files which wrotten in comtext.

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Andrew Hawdon


Comtext is an old DOS program which may not run under win NT and above. It is normally run from within Siemens Step5. Do you need to change the program or do another download. If you require to make changes you will find comtext is not intuitive to use and there are no soft copies of the doc for download. If you just need to download to another OP then you may be able to upload the old config using Prosave and then download to another OP15.


Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

It definitely is time for upgrading, Comtext is VERY difficult to run on modern machines due to the amount of base RAM required, you need about
630K spare before you even start, and yes it does run from inside S5 but it could also be made to run stand alone, and you will have to run it in
a DOS box and will probably find that Win98 or Win95 will be possible, but an old version of DOS will be easier.

Donald P
I have recently had to do much the same with a Siemens TD10 display. First of all find an old, old PC or laptop. I was unable to upload the configuration file on anything close to 120 MHz. I ended up using an old laptop with a 386 processor. The comtext program I got from Siemens USA. They emailed it to me, I would try them, or your local Siemens first. I am upgrading to a new display, so I have never tried to download the configuration to a TD/OP.

Good luck